Download last version Play Store

Download New Play Store. For a very long time without updates, google has launched a new version of the Google Play Store, it’s the version 10.7.18

What does this new version of Play Store has to offer me now?

As a novelty, it has the possibility of recommending apps; it’s a very useful function now that the users of those apps that have already used them will be the ones recommending them to us.

This version will have the same comfy Material Design interface with the nice colors, one for each category (one for entertainment and other for apps & games).

This new version will have the compatibility with the last added stuff in the former version, like the discount codes and RTL support for lefties.

Google Play Store V 6.2
Google Play Store V 6.2

Why would I need Play Store?

Google play store is a wonderful app; it has almost a million apps, paid and free, games, books, movies, purchase or rent, social networks like Twitter or Facebook, and some instant messaging apps like WhatsApp messenger, Telegram or Snapchat.


It’s not that hard to download the app from your device, actually, your device should do it by itself, and if it doesn’t, I will show you a way to see if your phone is allowed to do so.

If your phone has the Apk installed:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store app
  2. Open the Settings tab of the app
  3. Check the “automatic updates” option
  4. Wait for the update
  5. It updates
  6. That’s it

But if your phone doesn’t even have the apk installed, then, Houston, we have a problem. You have to download the apk and then install it, but now you will need more effort than the one mentioned before.

These are the steps:

  1. Open your browser and look up for the app, then download it, can be from the pc or from the phone or the device you have.
  2. Send the file via USB if you have downloaded the file from your pc.
  3. Go to settings and then to security, then check the option that says “allow apps from unidentified developer”
  4. Open your file explorer and look up for it, if you downloaded it from your device, it might be in the folder called “Downloads” and if you did send it via USB, look up where you sent it.
  5. Open the app, follow the steps, and then wait until it finishes installing.
  6. If the apk you installed is of an older version than the newest one, do the steps mentioned before and it hopefully will be updated.

If you are too lazy to go google the app enter this page and you will find it, don’t forget to make the steps mentioned in the first:

Download the latest version of Play Store

In this site we can help you if you have any problems with installing google play in your device, whether is tablet, or smartphone. If you have any problems installing google play or another problem regarding this wonderful app, you can see the other articles.

It’ll be nice if you have this store, can do lots of stuff and download lots of apps and games without worrying if you lose the device, because you will have the ones you installed and paid for in your google account, waiting for you to install them again, hope you don’t have a slow internet at that moment, for god.

I hope you liked the article and download a lot of apps, tons if you want to, but please, don’t overload your phone with apps, and then you won’t be able to enjoy the ones you downloaded to the fullest, it happens to most of the android users, including me.