How to update the Google Play Store app

Almost every week Google launches a new version to improve the application of the store Play Store adding improvements and new features, but these updates do not reach everyone at once, they arrive in a phased manner, and it is possible that in some devices it reaches It takes up to several weeks to receive all these news.

If you like to always have your device updated, with the most recent versions of your favorite applications to enjoy from the first day of its news, here we tell you how the Google Play Store is updated to the latest version:

Check version Google Play Store and try to force the update

The Google Play Store app is updated alone in the background. When Google releases a download version and installs itself without we have to do anything. The only thing we can do is check the version that we have installed and if it is updated or not, that is, if we have pending an update to download.

To check if the Google Play Store is up to date, we have to go to the Play Store> Settings> Play Store version. There we will see the version that we have installed and when clicking on the version we will see a window that will tell us if “Google Play Store is updated” or if “A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed”.

If we receive the notice that a new version will be downloaded, we only have to wait for it to be installed in the background in a matter of a few minutes. We leave the store and after a while, when we re-enter, it will be updated, or apparently updated, since it is possible that the latest version has not been downloaded.

Download the latest version of Play Store

Although Google Play Store tells us that it is updated it is possible that a new version is already circulating in a staggered way and that it does not reach us after a few weeks. If we want to have this new version we have to update manually by installing your APK.

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