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Years ago, ours phones were only capable of sending texts and making phone calls, then after a few years went by, cellphones with some nice visual screens came along. They even had some software that permitted us enjoy a better interface and play some games. However, the cellphone only offered a limited amount of programs which we would have to settle for until we bought a new cellphone. Nevertheless, a new generation of cellphones came along. These cellphones were basically the equivalent to a desktop computer, on a smaller scale, and the best thing of all was their flexibility as they could have software installed and uninstalled.  These were phone that worked on a special operative system called Android. This operative system is what provided the new ‘Smartphones’ with an incredible flexibility in their functioning. Nonetheless, where would you get the new software from? Well, that is why Google decided to create the Google Play store, a centralized web site where you could get any kind of software you are looking for.

play store app

For the ones who do not know what the Play Store is, this one is a webpage where you can download multiple applications that work on the Android operating system. You can literally download any kind of application such as weather apps, social media apps, games, e-book related apps and so on and so forth. One of the best things about this website is that a lot of its applications are completely for free! Yes , you don’t pay a dime for some of the best applications for your cellphone. Some of the best things about downloading applications from the Play store are that most (if not all) of its software is really safe in terms of malware as it has been checked by the Play store. The majority of the software shows a brief description of it, reviews by the users, and also a score given by them which helps you decide whether you want to download it or not. Besides it also offers all the technical information needed to know if you can actually install that program on your Smartphone (requirements such as how much space the software will take up on your phone, the Android version required, etc.). Most interestingly, as Android is a free platform, it offers all the contact information required in case you want to get in touch for any reason.

Anybody with a smartphone that works on Android should have the built-in application that would give them access to the Play Store without having to access the browser and manually typing in the web address in order to go to the webpage. Nevertheless there are always some unlucky users who might not have this software by default installed on their Smartphones. So in this case the user has a number of options: on option would be to go on the web browser on access the Play Store website. Then there is another option which has been on a constant popularity rise: installing the Google Play APK.

Download the latest version of Play Store

So what is the Google Play APK? This is a software which can be installed on your Smartphone, which will emulate the Google Play store, which should have been a by-default software on the phone. Finding the APK is not difficult at all, just write Google Play Store APL in any Search engine and you will find endless links to the program. Before downloading it, go to Settings->Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” option so that you are able to download the software. Then once you download the software, tap on the download and you may get some kind of warning for being an “unknown source”; disregard such a message and go on to installing the software. After that you are set to go. However, you will need to upload this APK software if at any given time it stops working (there are regular updates available), but do not worry as updating the APK entails carrying out the same process you carried out in order to install it the first time.

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