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So, today we are going to talk about one very popular option for a certain type of Play Store user. What kind or user are we talking about? Well, the first type of user we aim at here is the most rare type that does have a Smartphone working on the Android platform. Nevertheless they are not lucky enough to have the Google Play Store app by default installed in the system. This means, unfortunately, they would not have direct access to the Google Play Store, but only through the web browser. In this case the Play Store APK comes pretty much in handy as it will allow these kind of users to get hold of the Google Play Store just by installing the Play Store APK on their Smartphones, and if they get the latest version, there will be no need to update it for quite a while.

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The other type of user that we would like to address here is the type that would need to update their Google Play Store and would like to opt out of the automatic update provided by the Google Play Store itself(as it sometimes happens). In this case, an APK comes as an alternative to update our Google Play Store without waiting any longer.
So, first and foremost, what is an APK? This acronyms stands for Android application package. This package carries a number of files necessary, in zip file, to install any program on the Android platform. So What and where do we download the APK from? Well, there are a zillion places to download it from, the more you know the source where you download it form, so much the better, as you want to keep your Smartphone from catching any dangerous malware, (we might leave some safe links at the end of this post).
Once we find the proper webpage and download the APK, what do we do? Well, now you go to the Settings main menu on your phone, tap on security, and then you tap on the “unknown sources” checkbox. This will allow files from “unknown sources” to be installed in your system (as it might not be the case if you do not check this box). Then, you will simply need to tap on the APK icon, then you will get a pop-up that will ask you whether you want install software coming from an unknown source, so you tap on “Accept” and then you are all set and ready to go. It´s as easy as that!

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All in all, the Google Play Store APK is a very good option for different kinds of users, both users that look for it as an alternative instead of the regular update provided by the Google Play Store itself, and a much more worthwhile for the once who lack the built-it Google Play Store on their phones.

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