The best flashlight apps for Android

Do not stay in the gloom. These are the best flashlight apps for Android.

They are not any fad. Flashlight apps can get us out of big trouble in difficult situations. For example, when we are at home and suddenly the light goes out at eleven o’clock at night. Or when we arrive too late at home and do not want to turn on all the lights. Also being camping or in case of emergency, lost in the forest after a long afternoon picking mushrooms.

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Most phones can work as a flashlight, activating the flash function. However, in application stores you will find many applications with this feature. And with other features added. Below, we present the best flashlight apps for Android.

Best flashlight apps for Android

If you have a device for Android, in the Google Play Store you will find many applications that can work as a flashlight. These are some of the best. Take a look at the selection and download them. Besides being good, they are free.

Open Flash Light

You do not have anything you do not need. Here you will not find special options or frills. Open Flash Light is a super simple application for Android, in which all you have to do is press the Power button. Instantly the flashlight will be activated and you can start using it for what you need.

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You can enjoy its functions if your device has an LED flash in the camera. Because the only thing that Open Flash Light does is activate it.

Download Open Flash Light


We continue with another flashlight application, simple but comfortable and practical to use. As soon as you install it, a direct activation icon will be installed on the home screen of your device. In this way, when you need to activate the flashlight you just have to click on it. Your camera’s flash will start and you’re done!

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Download Flashlight

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

When we need to light a flashlight, the last thing we need are complications. With Super Bright LED Flashlight you will access a digital switch immediately to give intensity. In the upper part of the screen you will also have a wheel to select the different parameters. And is that this application also offers us an emergency mode, in case you need to communicate an alert at some point.

Download Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Super-Bright LED Flashlight


Flash is an application that works more or less like the rest of the applications that we have seen, but it has some peculiarities. One of the most important, the possibility of changing the color of the flashlight. Obviously, this will be reflected on the screen and not in the flash itself.

It also includes a compass, to guide you, and up to ten different lighting modes. It would be good if it did not include so much publicity. For the rest, it is a functionally correct application.

It is one of the most sophisticated and complete lantern apps we have seen. A free tool that you are already downloading. As soon as you activate it, Flashlight will turn on the device’s flash. Then you can regulate the intensity of lighting and times as you want.

You can also start the emergency lights. This will help you if you want to communicate with other people to come and help you. All these effects are observed in an animation, which will allow you to be aware of the type of light that is emitting the flash of your mobile. Graphically, in addition, it takes out a note of ten.

Download Flashlight

Flashlight HD LED

Another super simple application, with a light as bright and as powerful as the others. It is free and, what is more important, it is well designed. This means that we can easily access the different functions. Activate the flashlight and turn on the light of the screen to use it as a source of illumination at night.

Download Flashlight HD LED



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